moments of grace

   artist's statement

   This installation is a continuation of my work exploring the intersection of our material and intangible selves. We are the conjunction of our material bodies which consist of "trash",:water, viruses, bacteria, a few inexpensive chemicals, etc. The "nothing" part of us is the magnificent part, which can't be touched or held: love, inspiration, transcendence, creativity, compassion, etc. I use aesthetically compelling trash to explore our material aspect, and shadows, which are nothing, not even light, to explore our intangible selves. This particular piece is a metaphor for the times of transcendence, delight, joy, peace we are granted during our tightrope walk through life. It was created over a year and a half and involved a number of artists I want to thank here:

Animation: Josh Garlick
Dancers: Stef Steinberg, Hiromi Vardy
Trey Duplantis, composer of "Ohime"
Julay Brooks, pianist on the Eric Satie piece
Bruce Langhorn with Debby and George Green, "Chihuahua"

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